Earn Money with linksafe.org
Tier Countries CTP
Tier A United States $2.50
Tier B United Kingdom $2.00
Tier C Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Monaco $1.50
Tier D Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic $1.00
Tier E Malaysia, Malta, Luxembourg, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, Viet Nam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia $0.50


- The Above Rates are for Uploaders.

- We also have Rates for Webmasters up to 75% of earnings ! ( Please Contact us for more details, using the contact page )
1- Unique IP is counted once per 24 hours.

2- Legal Porn is allowed.

3- Don't cheat ! DO NOT view your folders using proxies.

4- You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system.

5- Your protected links must meet our terms of service.

*Note: Please note that if you don't use Captacha for folders, your rates will be decreased by 50% .

* We reserve the right to modify the rewards program at any time without prior notice.

* Minimum payout amount is $10.00 .

* Payments are made through Paypal , BTC and WMZ.

* The rates above are for unique 1000 hits .